Do we have ‘social responsability’ thru the media?

Do we have ‘social responsability’ thru the media?

We all communicate. In my opinion, we do it more than ever because of the technological advances. No matter the place, time, and not even the people with whom we are in constant coexistence is almost a daily day basis that we exchange phone numbers, instant messaging and also simultaneous chatting around Facebook, Twitter, G-talk.

Jorge Ramos
Jorge Ramos at “Hate Rising” (2016) documentary

Today… the most part of us are ‘public figures’ exercising communication through digital media and also we forget our overwhelming condition to be observed and observe others. But let me be clear: a large percentage of people (audiences) can connect with your thoughts, ideas, ideologies, fears, resentments… and maybe more than ever.

Do we have a social responsibility for what we say and publish around the net? I’m not talking only about the media corporations. But all of us have some kind of “public” opinion these days… and the most important thing:

are we aware that maybe some children are watching our behavior?

I never thought about it since Donald Trump campaign is making these large bullying around mexicans and immigrants in general. But… what if childrens are getting afraid of it? or committing with this kind of hate? are we realizing that communication is the basis of the future generations?

Let’s watch the documentary of Jorge Ramos “hate rising” and see all the feelings that immigrant boys and girls are experiencing:
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